From the Superintendent



I often talk about the great ideas I hear percolating from our educators and leaders. I believe that these educators have a pent-up energy to try new things that will allow them to do their jobs better. I am happy to report that those educators are responding to our call for Straight A Fund applicants. As the deadline for letters of intent to apply for Ohio’s Straight A Funds drew to a close last Friday, 1,481 schools, districts and their partners shared their plans to seek funds for their great ideas.

This indicates that local educators not only are confident in their creative ideas, but that they also are ambitious and committed enough to do the rigorous work to submit an application later this month.

More than 730 participants have logged onto our Sept. 18 webinar that gave an overview of how to apply, and more than 300 participants have logged onto a Sept. 19 webinar that clarified our emphasis on program sustainability. These webinars are posted on our Straight A Fund Web page and I strongly encourage anyone who will be applying to view them before the Oct. 25 application deadline. Additionally, on Oct. 2 we posted two additional rubrics that will be used in the scoring process, as well as guidance to help in answering questions on the application.

We will have lots of capable scorers who are now being selected by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. They will come from a field of 774 individuals from 34 states who have declared interest. The Straight A Fund is getting national attention!

If your school or district did not submit its intent to apply for Straight A Fund money by the deadline but soon identifies an innovative program it would like to take on, we will still accept your application. Once again, the Straight A Fund application deadline is Oct. 25 through the CCIP.

The skills required of our graduates are changing quickly and continually, and the field of candidates for jobs is now global — not just local or national. That means we have to set higher expectations for our children’s learning and be more innovative in the way we teach them. The strong response to our call for Straight A Fund applications encourages me that we are up to that task.

Thank you for all you do for the boys and girls of Ohio.


Dr. Richard A. Ross
State Superintendent of Public Instruction