Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse now available


Great news for educators looking for new strategies to help them meet the unique needs of each Ohio student. There’s a new tool available that may help educators better support students with diverse needs; thus, better enabling success for all students.
Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse — part of the state’s Empowered by Evidence initiative — aims to empower educators and prepare them to identify, select and implement evidence-based strategies to meet the needs of Ohio’s students.
Evidence-based strategies are practices and activities that have been evaluated and shown to improve student outcomes.
The clearinghouse is available on the Ohio Department of Education’s Empowered by Evidence website. Resources within the clearinghouse explain the many benefits of evidence-based strategies and help educators identify those strategies that meet ESSA’s evidence-based levels 1, 2 and 3. Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse also offers a wide range of resources and information developed by other national clearinghouses.
Evidence-based strategies — coupled with a comprehensive continuous improvement plan and sustained implementation — go a long way toward enabling success for each student. Ohio is committed to assisting educators in this effort and to ensuring Ohio’s Evidence-Based Clearinghouse will serve as a dynamic and growing resource that is practitioner-focused and responsive to the needs of educators.
A printable PDF of the infographic on the benefits of being empowered by evidence is available. A web-based version of the same infographic can be found on the Department’s website.