Change to business advisory council plan submission requirements for districts supported by ESCs


Ohio law requires all school districts and educational service centers to create and submit their business advisory council plans to the Ohio Department of Education. However, districts do not need to upload separate plans if they have entered into agreements to receive any services from an ESC under this section or this section of Ohio law, and have agreed the ESC’s business advisory council will represent the business of the district. The ESC submission is sufficient to meet this requirement.
The Department is coordinating the submission of these plans annually through the FORMS system located within SAFE. To access FORMS and submit the annual plan on behalf of the district or ESC, users must have either the Superintendent or Superintendent Designee role within the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS), assigned locally by the OEDS administrator.
The FORMS system now is available. Districts and ESCs may begin uploading their respective business advisory council annual plans into the system. All submissions need to be completed no later than Sept. 30, 2018. Additional submission details are available in this guidance document, or visit the Department’s website.
For questions, please email James Turner or call (614) 728-2749.