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Grant funding available for school security measures

HB 59 established a school security grant program for school districts across the state to purchase a Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) or other emergency communications system or a security entrance system.

In October, the Ohio School Facilities Commission will email eligible school districts an invitation to apply for the security grant program. Note: The mailing list will be pulled directly from the OEDS-R database. Please ensure that district contact information, including email address, is current before Sept. 27. Additional information, including updates on the program, is available here.

Update on changes to preschool special education funding and related contracts provided

The recently passed state budget contains a new funding formula for preschool special education that replaces unit funding with a per-pupil-based formula described here. Once the new reports, caluculations and data are in place, total funding will be annualized to the amount caluclated under the new formula. Until then, payments for preschool special education students will be based on funding received in FY2013. Student counts used for funding will also be updated later in the school year based on the December child count. The department will soon provide online calculators for districts to simulate funding based on their knowledge of their district’s student population for the school year.

In all cases, each  preschool special education student's funding will be added to the foundation payment of its resident city, local or exempted village school district. The total amount of such funding will appear on the district’s School Finance Payment Report as “preschool special education funding” under the heading “additional aid items.” If the district desires, it may keep all of that funding and provide services for the students directly. Or, if an Educational Service Center or County Board of Developmental Disabilities educates the preschool student, the funding will be transferred according to options described here. Further information on how to report student and contract information to the department will be provided in upcoming months.

New training modules to help in writing student learning objectives

To assist educators and principals in writing high-quality student learning objectives, ODE has released a new online module to complement the four Student Growth Measure modules delivered in the six-hour training sessions. This fifth module, Writing SLOs, contains two components. Module 5A guides viewers through the student learning objective writing process and provides in-depth guidance on data analysis using mock data to formulate appropriate growth targets. Module 5B supports teachers in constructing a student learning objective using available data from their own unique student population. Modules 5A or 5B can be viewed here.