Ohio Department of Education Blog Comment Policy

Ohio Department of Education Blog Comment Policy

Welcome to ExtraCredit, the Official Blog of the Ohio Department of Education! We encourage your ideas, feedback and comments to promote a dialogue with department staff and the public; however, we expressly reserve the right to not post comments.

All comments are reviewed by Ohio Department of Education staff before posting and will only be approved or denied during normal business hours. Any comment should be respectful to others and contribute to the ongoing conversation of each post. Additionally, we will not post any comments that contain:

  • Personal attacks, profanity, or racism;
  • Repeated comments or posts that do not relate to the topic;
  • Copyrighted material for which you do not own the rights;
  • Advertisements;
  • Spam or other “junk” messages;
  • Content which supports or opposes political campaigns or ballot measures.

We will not edit postings. They will be either accepted or rejected in their entirety. We will not provide notice or reason for rejecting comments.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure your comment is approved.

This policy may be modified at any time without notice.

If you have any questions, please email Toby.Lichtle@education.ohio.gov.

Last Modified: 6/1/2016 4:16:53 PM