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Welcome to ExtraCredit, our new, official blog! Join in on the conversation!

By: Guest Blogger

Welcome to ExtraCredit, the official blog of the Ohio Department of Education! This is a new space where we will share weekly blog posts on a variety of education issues by department experts and guest bloggers from throughout Ohio’s schools and support organizations.

We want to start a two-way dialogue between the department and educators, parents and the public about what’s going on in education. It’s a chance to relax our style, share more anecdotal information and show the human side to education — from the state level all the way down to the student. 

We’re excited to get this underway and would love to hear your ideas. Is there an Ohio education blogger you’d like to see make a guest appearance? What topics would you like to see from department experts? We’d love your feedback. Post a comment below (see our comment policy) or email us your thoughts.

Our first post will be published early next week, so keep an eye out and jump into the conversation. Thanks for joining in!

— All of us at the Ohio Department of Education

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