Steve Gratz

Bio_Gratz_B.pngDr. Steve Gratz is senior executive director of the Center for Student Support and Education Options at the Ohio Department of Education, where he oversees creative ways to help students in Ohio achieve success in school. In this role, he provides leadership to the offices of Career-Technical Education, Quality School Choice and Child Nutrition.

Through his work, Steve develops policy and implementation strategies for STEM education, competency-based education, industry credentials, College Credit Plus, school innovation and helps adults who have dropped out of school earn industry-recognized credentials and receive their high school diplomas. Additionally, he helps schools transform through the implementation of career pathways to ensure all students graduate prepared for multiple options after high school: gainful employment and postsecondary study.

Steve earned a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and doctorate from The Ohio State University. He champions the integration of rigorous academics with critical thinking and creativity to teach students through real-work situations and skills.

You can reach Steve Gratz at

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