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Additional Preliminary District and School Report Card Data to be Released

Release date: 10/9/2012

During the last few weeks, ODE has worked diligently to upload and verify remaining data for school improvement purposes. The next spreadsheet will be released publicly on or about Oct. 17 and will include all the data elements released previously, plus the additional items.

“As we wait for additional information related to the attendance investigation being conducted by the Auditor of State, we remain committed to sharing existing preliminary data with our schools and the public,” said Acting Superintendent Sawyers. “In the meantime, school district superintendents and other personnel will have full access to updated preliminary Local Report Card data and reports while ODE extracts data for public release.”

As soon as the data have been extracted, ODE will post the updated spreadsheet on its website illustrating Local Report Card indicators for all districts and schools including overall rating, Performance Index, and attendance rate information, all of which remain subject to change pending the outcome of the investigation by the Auditor of State.

ODE will not publish PDFs of the Local Report Cards until the investigation by the Auditor of State is concluded, or as otherwise agreed upon by the State Board of Education.