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Number of Advanced Placement Test Takers Increases in Ohio

Release date: 9/25/2012

According to data released today by The College Board, the number of Advanced Placement tests taken by Ohio public high school students grew by 6.7 percent last year and 35.6 percent during the past five years. The number of students earning scores high enough to qualify for college credit grew by 9.2 percent last year and 43.2 percent in the past five years.

The number of African American students passing AP tests grew by 24.4 percent last year and 61.6 percent in the last five years. Growing minority participation is a key goal.

“I commend our schools for actively helping to raise awareness of Advanced Placement courses and exams and commend Ohio students for taking advantage of the opportunity that has been afforded to them,” Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Sawyers said. “Earning college credit while still in high school gives students a head start when they enroll in college.”

The AP program offers courses and exams that provide high school students the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at colleges and universities. The objectives of the AP Program are to:

  • Increase access to AP opportunities for all students, especially low-income, rural and urban students.
  • Focus on developing and expanding AP programs and participation in the core academic areas of English, mathematics, science and foreign language.
  • Develop and expand Pre-AP courses or programs to provide middle and high school students with the critical thinking skills, content knowledge and study habits necessary for successful participation in their educational career, as well as AP courses and exams.

ODE also has other initiatives to help students take and pass AP courses. Through its Race to the Top (RttT) Initiative the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is working to provide increased opportunities for Ohio students to take AP courses. RttT’s Virtual Learning Grants expand virtual learning options and provide assistance for underserved student populations to take AP classes. Schools selected to receive this mini grant will use funds to provide academic and financial support, which will expose students to online AP coursework not offered at their schools.

Also through RttT, the ODE has developed the Advanced Placement Mentor Network to build and expand AP courses and provide professional learning opportunities to strengthen Advanced Placement programs in both urban and rural districts. The Advanced Placement Mentor Program supports the professional growth of network teachers by using the expertise of veteran Advanced Placement teachers.

For more information about the Advanced Placement Program, the Virtual Learning Grant or the Advanced Placement Mentor Network, visit the ODE website at www.education.ohio.gov and click on the School Options link in the menu bar.