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Statewide Conference to Offer Districts more than 100 Timely Presentations

Release date: 10/29/2012

The conference is open to employees of all school districts. The schedule is packed with nearly 100 presentations on several tracks that will provide educators with updates, best practices from schools across the state and nation, and opportunities to hear directly from ODE staff.

Session descriptions are available by clicking here. Some of the highlights:

  • The Third Grade Reading Guarantee Primer session will explain the new provisions, implications for students and districts, and how ODE is supporting this initiative.
  • The Transition to Ohio’s New Learning Standards session will give insight on recent changes to content standards, assessments and graduation requirements and offer a practical approach to incorporating these new standards into teaching practice.
  • Alternative Education Programs – How do we know what’s working? features experts from Rockbridge Academy talking about transforming “at-risk” students to “at-promise” students.
  • The Ohio High School – Higher Education Alignment Initiative session is dedicated to developing tools and resources to help bridge the gap between high school academic achievement and collegiate expectations.
  • Ohio’s Student Learning Objective Process session will help educators identify expected learning outcomes for a group of students over time.
  • Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments Overview session will update educators about new assessments for science and social studies, as well as assessments in English language arts and mathematics being developed with the PARCC consortia.
  • The two-day conference is hosted by the Ohio Department of Education Office of Race to the Top, with the goal of inspiring, challenging and re-invigorating educators with the tools they need to successfully equip Ohio’s 1.8 million students for accelerated academic achievement and progress.

    Interested parties can follow the conference on Twitter at @OHEducation, on Facebook at Ohio Teachers’ Homeroom or at Ohio Families & Education, or on Storify at http://storify.com/OhioEdDept/ohio-statewide-education-conference-2012.

    Ohio’s Race to the Top strategy aligns with ODE’s vision and mission to implement a world-class education system in which all students will graduate with a sense of purpose and be prepared for college, work and life. For more information about Ohio’s Race to the Top click here.