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Corrective Action Plans Received and Approved

Release date: 5/24/2013

COLUMBUS, OH –  Corrective Action Plans have been received and approved by the Ohio Department of Education for 49 schools and districts identified as having errors in their 2010-11 school year enrollment data.

The plans stem from a state-level investigation into school attendance data manipulation that resulted in state achievement test scores for many low-performing students not being counted.

“We appreciate the cooperation of these schools and districts in creating action plans to report student enrollment more accurately, said Richard A. Ross, state superintendent of public instruction. “This accuracy is crucial so that our parents and communities can assess the quality of education their children are receiving.”

The districts with errors were identified by the Auditor of State in a report issued in February that also listed nine school districts that had evidence of student data scrubbing. “Errors” were defined by the state auditor’s office as sporadic exceptions to the reporting requirements including lack of documentation, missing student files, and incorrect or unsubstantiated withdraw codes used when submitting information to the department’s Educational Management Information System.

Immediately following the release of the report, the department of education established a team to investigate schools with errors and required them to submit Corrective Action Plans. The Corrective Action Plans submitted by the school building(s) were to describe clearly all of errors identified in the Auditor of State’s attendance audit and provide:

  • The  reasons student records were not submitted correctly or accurately to the department;
  • Steps and processes the school will use to ensure that student records are submitted correctly and accurately in the future;
  • Professional development that will be provided to the appropriate staff to ensure accurate and correct data are submitted in the future;
  • Solutions to address any identified deficiencies in written attendance policies, maintaining official student attendance records and/or processes for appropriately withdrawing students; and
  • An explanation from the superintendent of how the Corrective Action Plan will be monitored to ensure implementation and successful compliance.

The department of education required 50 districts with errors to submit Corrective Action Plans (one school district is closing and did not require further review). The review team developed and used a worksheet template in reviewing each of the Corrective Action Plans to ensure all relevant issues were addressed. All 49 plans have been reviewed, and while several had to be resubmitted, all 49 have now been approved by the department of education.

The review worksheet included nine required elements. If any of the nine elements were incomplete or missing, the plan was returned to the school district and had to be resubmitted to the department of education.