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Department of Education Awards 91 Early Literacy and Reading Readiness Grants

Release date: 5/2/2013

COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Department of Education announced 91 educational entities were selected to receive the Early Literacy and Reading Readiness Grant, which provides an opportunity for districts and community schools to pursue funding from a pool of $13 million. The Early Learning Grant was instituted as part of Ohio House Bill 487. 

School districts and community schools were permitted to apply as an individual, or they could form a consortium comprised of three or more partners. The purpose of the grant was to support the design and implementation of a K-3 early literacy and reading intervention concept that assists students in improving and enhancing their reading development and prepares them to read at grade level by the end of third grade.
“It is vital to get every boy and girl in this state reading at grade level because reading is the gateway to learning and lifelong success,” said Dr. Richard A. Ross, superintendent of public instruction. “I thank the districts that pursued this grant, especially those who came together in groups to address this important need. I look forward to the growth we will see among young readers as a result of their commitment.

During the process, a total of 248 applications were received and reviewed, with 153 applicants applying as part of a consortium and 95 applying individually. In total, the 248 applicants requested more than $44.4 million.

The 91 applicants selected were awarded funding based on the quality of their applications and their budget.  

Among the 91 applicants receiving funding:
• 20 individual applicants received approximately $1.4 million (average of $71,900); and
• 71 consortia received approximately $11.6 million (average of $162,900).

The award winners are comprised of public school districts, public libraries, educational service centers, institutions of higher education, preschools, and public or private organizations. A complete list of award winners is available on the Department of Education website by clicking here.