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Department of Education to Explain Impact of Federal Sequestration Cuts

Release date: 6/28/2013

What: Department of Education experts will discuss cuts imposed on the state due to the federal sequester, discuss potential impacts on local districts and answer questions.

Who:   State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Richard A. Ross

             Department of Education experts.

When: Monday, July 1, 2013, 1:45-2:30  p.m. Pre-registration is not required.       

Where: Conference call

Details: Department experts will explain the federal sequester cuts and answer additional questions.

Background:  Due to legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, most federal education funding passed along to the state for fiscal year 2013 is being reduced by approximately 5.23 percent.  This is due to two federal measures:   1) a 5 percent cut to federal education programs for FY2013 based on the automatic spending reductions required under the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011, also known as “sequestration” and 2) a 0.2 percent across-the-board reduction to all federal spending under the 2013 federal budget continuing resolution.  While the 5.23 percent is a general figure at the federal level, the percent of reductions to state and local school district awards will vary based on formula criteria.

Cuts due to federal sequestration have the potential to impact a local school district’s budget for state fiscal year 2014 and beyond. As districts consider the appropriate response to a reduction in allocations, schools and districts are reminded that the federal sequester will impact reductions to spending amounts. However all compliance requirements, such as Maintenance of Effort (MOE) and Supplement, not Supplant (SNS), remain in effect. For example, if funding for a program is moved from the federal funding source to a state or local source, it may be difficult (or impossible) to move the program to a federal funding source at a later date.

Conference Call Access:

Dial the Conference Access Number:   1-866-946-0485

    Enter your Participant PIN Code followed by the # key:   9513055#
    You will be placed on hold until the event begins.

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