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Straight A Fund Grant Applications Due Friday (Oct. 25)

Release date: 10/22/2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Education is pleased to announce that more than 450 Straight A Fund grant applications are currently being prepared through the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP), the department of education’s electronic grants management system. The deadline to submit applications for the grant is Friday, Oct. 25.

The department of education previously received 1,481 Intent to Apply notifications indicating significant interest in the Straight A Fund grants. A submitted Intent to Apply does not obligate the education entity to complete the process. An education entity may still apply for Straight A Fund grants even if they did not submit advance notification.

The Straight A Fund is a $250 million ($100 million in fiscal year 2014 and $150 million in fiscal year 2015) program that promotes innovative local ideas and programs to help transform and modernize Ohio’s education system.

Straight A Fund grants will provide funds for the most creative and forward-thinking ideas coming from educators and their partners in the public and private sectors. The fund will allow local educators to pursue three goals:

  • Raise student achievement;
  • Reduce spending; and
  • Target more resources to the classroom.

The Straight A Fund also will promote lasting value by requiring that innovations be sustainable, so student achievement and operational effectiveness can continue well after the grant money is used.

Documents outlining the application and distribution process are available to view and download from the Ohio Department of Education website. For additional information when applying for the grant please review the FAQ here. If you have general Straight A Fund program questions or CCIP navigation questions, please call (614) 752-1483 or email StraightAFund@education.ohio.gov. Extended technical support hours (5-8 p.m.) will be available on Oct. 25.