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Applications Now Being Accepted for Cleveland Scholarship Program

Release date: 2/5/2014

COLUMBUS, OH – Applications are now being accepted for the Cleveland Scholarship Program. Students who currently reside in the Cleveland Municipal School District and will be in grades K-12 for the next school year are eligible for this program.

This program gives students in Cleveland the opportunity to attend private schools with the state providing reimbursement for tuition to help pay the cost of attending these schools. Even if a student already attends one of these schools, they still may be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

The maximum amount of the scholarship for kindergarten through eighth grade students is $4,250 while the maximum amount for high school students is $5,700. Each school has different tuition amounts, depending on the amount of the school’s tuition, the state will pay up to the designated amount. If the tuition is more than the designated amount, the family of the student is responsible for the difference.

In order to apply, students and parents must visit a participating school to complete the application process. The online application process only is accessible to the participating private schools. The school must be registered to participate in the Cleveland Scholarship Program.

Once a child is determined eligible for the Cleveland Scholarship Program, the family should find a participating private school and apply for enrollment. A list of participating schools is available on the Ohio Department of Education website here.

The private school will submit the scholarship application through the secure online scholarship application system. While all students in Cleveland Municipal School District are eligible for a scholarship, parents of new scholarship applicants are encouraged to complete the income verification process as low income families and students will receive priority.

Students who are currently receiving a Cleveland scholarship can renew the scholarship for the 2014-2015 school year as long as they take all required state assessments for their grade level and they do not move out of the Cleveland Municipal School District. 

The scholarship applications and renewal applications are due April 18, 2014. For more information about the Cleveland Scholarship Program, please visit the Cleveland Scholarship page on our website

Separately, the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program, associated with the EdChoice program, provides scholarships to students who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from their district of residence. The amount of each scholarship is based on the disability identified on the student’s IEP and will not exceed $20,000.

To apply, parents of eligible students must first register with a participating Peterson Scholarship provider school. The school will have the required application forms and will assist the parent in the scholarship application process. More information is available here.