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Attendance Data Investigation Continues for Four Districts

Release date: 6/4/2014

Northridge, Campbell and Winton Woods No Longer Under Scrutiny

COLUMBUS –– The Ohio Department of Education is expanding its investigation into evidence of improper reporting of attendance data to the 2012-2013 school year for four districts.

The investigation will now include 2012-2013 attendance data submitted by Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus school districts after it was determined that those districts showed evidence of scrubbing of their 2011-2012 attendance data. It also was determined that Columbus improperly reported its data in 2010-2011.

The department of education will issue new 2011-2012 report cards for Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo school districts in the coming months. In addition, the department will issue new 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 report cards for Columbus City Schools.

“Misreporting of attendance data or ‘scrubbing’ jeopardizes the entire accountability system in Ohio and will not be tolerated,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Richard A. Ross said. “We will continue to investigate data submissions and also the actions of individuals to determine if any professional conduct sanctions, up to and including suspension or revocation of licensure, should be conveyed.”

The department will issue new 2012 report cards for Northridge School District, as it was determined that they did misreport data. However, since there were only two student records potentially involved for 2012-2013, the department will not be investigating their data for that year.

After reviewing attendance data submitted by Campbell and Winton Woods school districts, the department did not find any further evidence of misreporting. There is no reason to issue new report cards. The investigations into both districts are now closed although both will be required to submit a corrective action plan.

Because of the ongoing data accuracy investigations and potential professional conduct investigations, each of these districts is now under a legal duty to preserve all evidence, whether printed or electronic, that is or might become relevant to this matter, including information regarding student withdrawals, data changes made to student records, who made any data changes, and district policies and practices for data changes and withdrawals.