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Field Test of Next Generation Assessments a Success

Release date: 4/21/2014

COLUMBUS, OH –Ohio took a large step toward the implementation of the Next Generation Assessments last week after successfully completing the first round of field tests.

More than 175,000 performance-based assessments were taken beginning March 24 with no statewide systemic issues reported.

“We are grateful to the students, educators and technology coordinators who participated in this ‘test of the test,’” said State Superintendent Richard A. Ross. “Ohio has taken a big step toward building a better testing system and we can use this experience to refine the Next Generation Assessments and help all districts prepare for 2015.”

While information is still being gathered, the field tests found that:

  • There were no systemic technology problems. Glitches tended to be localized such as issues dealing with passwords and filters on computers.
  • Many students found the questions challenging, requiring deeper thought.
  • The on-line practice tests now available in math and English language arts will be an important tool to help schools get comfortable with the new assessments.

The Ohio Department of Education will work with the testing vendors and technology coordinators to make adjustments and improvements to the assessments and the technology used to deliver the assessments.

The results will enable the department to create professional development materials for educators that will help them better understand what needs to be done to carry out a successful implementation of the assessments next spring.

Additional field testing will take place in the beginning of May for end-of-year tests consisting primarily of multiple choice questions.

Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments in math, English language arts, science and social studies are on schedule to replace the existing Ohio Achievement Assessments beginning in 2015. The computer-based tests will allow schools to receive results much faster and reflect Ohio’s New Learning Standards.