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Gifted Student Data Added to Nationally Recognized Local Report Cards

Release date: 5/13/2014

COLUMBUS, OH – As part of an ongoing effort to provide better information for parents, the Ohio Department of Education today added data to school and district report cards on the opportunities for, and performance of gifted students.                                       

“Including gifted student data and implementing the Gifted Indicator as part of the report cards reinforces our commitment to share as much pertinent information as possible about our schools with parents, taxpayers, school administrators and teachers,” said Dr. Richard A. Ross, superintendent of public instruction. “This data will help schools and families see what we still have to do to give our students the education they deserve.”

Starting today, and as part of future report cards, several data elements will be reported including service, identification and achievement levels. This initial release shares data from the 2012-13 school year at the district and building levels.

This interactive data display is integrated into the Achievement component of the report card. A related Gifted Indicator is currently being developed by the State Board of Education of Ohio. This indicator will be reported as “met” or “not met” on the 2014 Report Card that will be released this fall, and will be included in the calculation for the graded “Indicators Met” measure on the 2015 report cards.

Ohio’s interactive report card site can be found at reportcard.education.ohio.gov.

The new A-F Report Cards were released in August 2013, providing a more comprehensive look at the performance of schools and districts. The new report cards use standards for grading that are more rigorous. Ohio’s report card initiative has been recognized as a national leader by the Data Quality Campaign for providing quality information and constant communication to local communities and policymakers.