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State Report Card Released

Release date: 2/25/2016

Ohio Continues to Raise the Bar for Achievement

Parents will get a detailed look at how well local schools are educating their children with today’s release of the second set of grades on the annual Ohio Department of Education’s Ohio School Report Cards.

Users can find the grades and other data for all schools and districts, including community and other schools, at

“Ohio parents need to know how well our schools are preparing their students to succeed in college and their careers,” said Dr. Lonny J. Rivera, interim state superintendent of public instruction. “Ohio’s annual report cards show how our schools are doing and where they can improve.”

Districts and schools were graded on ten measures of effectiveness for the 2014-2015 school year. The department previously released grades on three of the ten measures in January. More information about the measures can be found here.

The most recent report card looks at student progress during the 2014-2015 school year, student achievement on state tests and whether schools are reducing achievement and graduation gaps affecting populations such as minority, English language learning and economically disadvantaged students.

Some districts may see lower report card grades on some measures this year because Ohio has raised expectations for what its students must learn in the classroom, introducing rigorous learning standards and new state tests to match those standards.

“We’ve long expected that grades might decline as we began to raise the bar for our students and schools,” Rivera said. “We believe both teachers and students will take steps to adjust to the new standards and tests.”

Nearly 99 percent of Ohio students took state tests last year. Even with the vast majority of student participation, the department of education will show district Performance Index grades with and without students who participated in state tests.

Last summer, Ohio lawmakers passed a provision calling for a “safe harbor” to give students and schools time to adjust to the new standards and tests.

During this safe harbor, districts will not include student progress as part of teacher evaluations unless districts and teachers agree to use the data. Schools also will not use student test scores to hold students back, except for meeting high school graduation requirements and scores on the state’s third grade reading test. State results for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee will be released in the coming months, as in the past.