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Aug. 30 – Sept. 2, 2014

State Education News

Don't kill Common Core, local school officials say
Canton Repository                                                                 8/30/2014

As state legislators debate on whether to repeal the Common Core standards, many Stark County school officials say districts have invested too much time and too many resources into the curriculum to warrant changing it.


Common Core repeal bill is a "circus," Ohio Sen. Peggy Lehner tells City Club crowd
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                            8/30/2014

Efforts to repeal the Common Core educational standards in Ohio are a disheartening "circus" that needs to fail, State Sen. Peggy Lehner said in a speech at the City Club today…



Local Education News

Shaping school districts: How they got that way
Canton Repository                                                                 8/31/2014

None of Stark County's 17 school districts has boundaries that exactly follow the communities where they are based.


Changing landscapes of area schools slowly taking shape
Lorain Morning Journal                                                             9/2/2014

Surges in concrete work and roofing add volume to Lorain, Keystone and Sheffield-Sheffield Lake school building projects…


Schools stir up creativity for the cafeteria
Lorain Morning Journal                                                             9/2/2014

Blueberry Bash Mini Waffles and a 220-foot-long submarine sandwich add dollops of fun to school lunch menus in Lorain and Elyria.


Orders coming to Ohio school district for cookie
Canton Repository                                                                  9/2/2014

A northeast Ohio school district that discontinued a popular cafeteria cookie under new federal nutritional guidelines says it has heard from plenty of people commenting on the decision or wanting to place special orders…


Nearly 1 in 5 teachers left Reynoldsburg last year
Columbus Dispatch                                                                  9/2/2014

The recent teacher turnover in central Ohio districts is on par with national trends — except in Reynoldsburg, where the school board and teachers union are in the middle of a contentious contract battle.


Higher Education News

International students bring economic firepower that Greater Cleveland has been slow to tap: study 
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                              9/2/2014

Cleveland and Akron attract a small but exceptional class of international students, often-serious scholars who pursue degrees in job-creating fields…




Core supporters arrive at the Statehouse
Akron Beacon Journal                                                             8/30/2014

Advocates for the repeal of the Common Core found themselves on their heels this week as committee hearings continued in Ohio House.


The Ohio Department of Education rightly gets tough with Portage County Educational Service
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                              9/1/2014

For months, this newspaper has urged the Ohio Department of Education to stop sitting on its hands while unscrupulous or incompetent charter schools take advantage of parents and taxpayers.


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