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September 20-22, 2014

State Education News

Kids more susceptible to respiratory illness from EV-D68
Canton Repository                                                                             9/22/2014

Ohio hospitals and medical facilities across the United States are reporting an increase in children with severe respiratory…


Data link poverty, school performance in Ohio
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

As another round of state report-card data in Ohio shows a significant performance gap between…


Growing resources for grandparents caring for grandkids
Dayton Daily News                                                                            9/22/2014

Burdell Kaiser had already raised several of her own children…


New regulations mean healthy snacks
Lima News                                                                                        9/22/2014

The last major phase of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was…



National Education News

Texas District Tests New R&D Model With Novice Teachers
Education Week                                                                                9/22/2014

What if school districts could speed up and slow down research…


Hong Kong Students Lead Democracy Fight With Boycott
New York Times                                                                                9/22/2014

Thousands of Hong Kong university students abandoned classes on Monday to rally against Chinese…



Local Education News

Volunteers integral to school’s success
Zanesville Times-Recorder                                                                 9/22/2014

Without parent, student and teacher volunteers, this year’s Crosstown Showdown…


Reyn. gets tough on Hsers to prevent more chaos during strike
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

Reynoldsburg high-school students will face more restrictions when they return to school…


Students, parents rally for Reyn. teachers
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

Best buddies Carson Barry and Trinity Tobe showed their teachers some…


Newark focuses on graduation
Newark Advocate                                                                              9/22/2014

Newark City Schools has been working for the past several years to increase…


Mentor coffee shop proposed to aid students with autism
Willoughby News Herald                                                                    9/22/2014

A coffee shop for a good cause is on the next Mentor Planning Commission…


Boardman and PD join forces on school security
Youngstown Vindicator                                                                      9/22/2014

At a time when students’ safety has never been more of a concern to parents, teachers and administrators…



Higher Education News

Campaign to curb assaults on campus
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

President Barack Obama has tried to use the power of his office to combat sexual assaults on college…


Graduation day & $300,000 in debt
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

Ashley Hall remembers clicking “yes” on the loan application and, inexplicably, laughing…


Dayton gets $12.5M gift for environmental institute
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

The University of Dayton has received a $12.5 million gift aimed at making it a national…




Give teeth to the texting ban
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

For many, texting rivals talking as the primary method of communication — especially for young people…


It takes a village to save babies
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

The high rate at which babies in Columbus and Ohio die before turning a year old…


Abusing the taxpayers
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            9/22/2014

For those who wondered why an elected body like the Educational Service Center…


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