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June 19, 2014

State Education News

State Report Cards will add a few new measures
Westerville News & Public Opinion                                                                                                          6/18/2014

The State Report Card will show more data and new grades after the 2014-15 school year, but expect to see some new additions on the new report card at the end of this summer.



Local Education News

CCS Summer Initiative Aims To Spark Interest In Reading
WBNS 10-TV                                                                                                                                                       6/18/2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Pouring over data for direction is the task at hand for Columbus City Schools now that they have third grade reading test results. Breaking down the Spring scores will help administrators determine who needs help and where to put extra resources.


Local third-graders struggle more than state average on reading test
Marion Star                                                                                                                 6/18/2014

MARION — Almost 17 percent of Marion County students didn’t score high enough on the Ohio Achievement Assessment to pass third-grade reading, but alternative assessments provided them another opportunity to succeed.


Tuscarawas Valley third-graders do well on reading test
New Philadelphia Times Recorder                                                                             6/18/2014

The vast majority of third-graders in the Tuscarawas Valley will be moving on to the fourth grade this fall after earning the necessary scores on state reading tests in October or May.


No third-graders retained because of test
Newark Advocate                                                                                                        6/18/2014

No Granville third-grade student will be held back from fourth grade by failing to meet the state’s third-grade reading guarantee expectation, Assistant Superintendent Tom Fry said Monday.


Spring testing saw drastic improvement
Grove City Record                                                                                                       6/18/2014

According to preliminary data released by the South-Western City School District, about 84 percent of its third-graders have reached the benchmark set by the state's third-grade reading guarantee and will be able to move on to fourth grade.


Ross County students score B in reading test requirement completion
Chillicothe Gazette                                                                                                     6/18/2014

CHILLICOTHE — More than 86 percent of third-graders in Ross County passed their state-mandated reading test this spring, clearing a new hurdle that can prevent students from advancing to fourth grade.


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