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Sept. 3, 2014

State Education News

District officials oppose push to scrap Common Core
This Week News                                                                     9/3/2014

Work to repeal Common Core standards in Ohio could have disastrous implications for education in the state, said Todd Hoadley, superintendent of the Dublin City School District.


State education officials flooded with coach, teacher misconduct complaints
Ashtabula Star-Beacon                                                             9/3/2014

The Ohio Department of Education annually receives thousands of questionable conduct complaints involving high school coaches and other licensed educators, but only a small percentage of those reports result in actual discipline.


National Education News

Music lessons may boost poor kids' brainpower, study suggests
NBC Nightly News                                                                   9/3/2014

Music lessons may rev up young brains enough to help close the academic gap between rich and poor, a new study suggests.



Local Education News

Educators ease transition from preschool to kindergarten
Akron Beacon Journal                                                              9/3/2014

Students are adding, subtracting and reading books on the first day of school. They’re writing sentences before Christmas.


Missing a few days of Cleveland schools doesn't hurt that much, national study reports
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                              9/3/2014

Cleveland kids don't miss much when they skip school for a few days, a national study released Tuesday suggests.


Columbus school board approves new policy for changing grades
Columbus Dispatch                                                                  9/3/2014

The Columbus school board unanimously adopted a policy yesterday to officially bar school principals from making after-the-fact changes to grades on their own.


Registration issues keep some students at home
Mansfield News Journal                                                            9/3/2014

A relative of two Mansfield City Schools students said two children have been told to wait at home until they receive their academic schedules — an issue she said could extend to more than 100 students in the district.


Bishop Flaget swaps desk chairs for exercise balls
Chillicothe Gazette                                                                  9/3/2014

Bishop Flaget School's brightest and bounciest new classroom furniture can be traced back to what Principal Laura Corcoran suspects was an error in the ordering process.


Marion Pleasant’s Sarah Kirby recognized as top teacher
Marion Star                                                                          9/3/2014

Sarah Kirby knows her work day doesn’t end when the kids leave the classroom. The Pleasant Elementary School teacher spends her evenings blogging, developing new teaching methods, and talking to other educators about what works in the classroom.


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