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April 19-21, 2014

State Education News

Take a sneak peek at the new Common Core exams that are coming to Ohio
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                                       4/20/2014

Here's a look at a few sample Common Core practice tests that preview the exams Ohio students will take next year, and which are having trials in Ohio schools right now.


Local Education News

Ohio to evaluate progress at Lorain City Schools
Lorain Morning Journal                                                                      4/19/2014

Clairie Huff-Franklin will lead a school district review team into Lorain City Schools on May 12 to gather data and insight for steering academic progress for next year.


Olentangy schools keep out 5 students who lack mumps vaccination
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            4/19/2014

Five Olentangy Local Schools students will stay home for at least 25 days or until they get a mumps vaccine in the wake of news of two connected cases in one school.


Local state school board member speaks on schools
Lima News                                                                                        4/21/2014

Ohio Department of Education District 1 Representative Ann Jacobs spoke briefly on public education in Ohio Thursday at the quarterly Black Network Meeting held at Bradfield Community Center.


Perry physics teacher has mini planet named in his honor
Canton Repository                                                                             4/19/2014

When Nate Van Wey heard that a former student named a minor planet after him, he thought it was a practical joke.


Driving class requires teens to text at wheel on obstacle course
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            4/19/2014

With one hand on the wheel and the other gripping his iPhone, his thumb flying over the keypad about 8 inches from his face, Connor Cooley thought he was doing great.


Students' art makes Statehouse exhibit
Zanesville Times-Recorder                                                                 4/21/2014

More than 10,000 people will have seen the art of four West Muskingum High School students by the end of the month, West Muskingum art teacher Heather Beauchamp estimates, as it is on display in the Ohio Statehouse…



Higher Education News

State support for higher education slowly increasing but still lags, report says
Cleveland Plain Dealer                                                                       4/21/2014

State and local support for higher education is slowly increasing following years of decline, according to a report released today by the State Higher Education Executive Officers.




Make Common Core better in Ohio; don’t scrap it
Toledo Blade                                                                                     4/20/2014

Ohio is one of the 44 states whose public schools are basing their teaching on the educational standards called Common Core.


Test boycotts help no one
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            4/21/2014

Parents have a right and an obligation to oversee their children’s education, but those who simply take their ball and go home by refusing to allow their children to take state-mandated tests undermine Ohio’s effort…


Revisiting DeRolph
Columbus Dispatch                                                                            4/20/2014

Beginning in 1991, three words in the Ohio Constitution became the source of a decade-long legal and political battle that demanded vast amounts of time, money and energy from Ohio’s judges, lawmakers, governors and taxpayers.


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