Local Professional Development Committees - For Internal ODE Employees

In 1996, Ohio’s General Assembly authorized the establishment of Local Professional Development Committees (LPDCs) and mandated that such be established in every school district and chartered nonpublic school by September 1998 (Ohio Revised Code 3319.22).The requirements in law for LPDCs vary depending on the type of district or organization establishing and maintaining the LPDC. Types of districts or organizations include non-school entities, such as the Ohio Department of Education. 

The Ohio Department of Education Local Professional Development Committee (ODE LPDC) provides certified and licensed agency educators with the opportunity to maintain an active and current license by developing and submitting an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP), with goals aligned to the mission of the agency or the educator’s center or office.

On this page, ODE employees can access the documents and forms required to conform to ODE’s Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) regulations and processes.

Document Submission Process (IPDP, EOA, CEU approval requests)

There is a new electronic procedure in place to submit your LPDC documents for review. Please scan your completed documents with signatures, and submit the PDF file to lpdcsubmit@education.ohio.gov.



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