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Know! Sleep is Fuel for Life

Sleep-1.jpgSleep is food for the brain, particularly for adolescents in the critical stages of physical, emotional and intellectual development. Fewer than 15 percent of teens get the sleep their bodies and minds need to fuel that growth, and that’s a big problem.


Know! The Risk Factors Associated with Drug Addiction

More than 20 million Americans are currently in recovery from addiction, which is something to celebrate! Tragically, however, more than 20 million more Americans are currently facing addiction. Have you ever wondered why some people become addicted to alcohol and drugs, while others don’t?


Register now for the 2019 We Are The Majority Rally

WATM18_One.jpgThere are rallies...and then there is We Are The Majority! It’s an annual celebration of student empowerment and positive choices as youth from across Ohio get ready for the 2019 We Are The Majority rally in Columbus on April 30. Click here to register for the event


Know! The Facts on Youth Suicide

GettyImages-466168847-2.jpgSuicide is now the second leading cause of death among youth and young adults ages 12-24, second only to accidental death; and for every suicide, there are 100-200 suicide attempts. This is a vital topic we must be discussing, and revisiting regularly, with our youth.


Know! Momo and Her Deadly Challenge to Youth

Momo.jpgA game is trending throughout social media and is said to be impacting lives in multiple countries around the world – it is called the Momo Challenge. Just like the Blue Whale Challenge, there is a game administrator that lures a victim into participating in challenges that include self-harm, with the endgame being suicide.

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