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Know! The Big Sibling Effect!

ThinkstockPhotos-538789226-1.jpgThere is a unique and special connection between siblings that cannot be denied nor duplicated. They are both tormentors and protectors; a source of teasing one moment, the greatest ally the next. Siblings are also likely to be one and other’s longest-lasting relationship. Four out of five Americans get to experience the growing years with a brother or sister, and in most families the older siblings serve as role models for the younger ones. The influence of older siblings is so powerful, in fact, that it is said to rival that of peers and many times outweigh parental influence - for the better or worse.


Know! to create an after school prevention plan

Heading back to school is a time of transition, especially for students entering ThinkstockPhotos-499487432.jpgmiddle or high school or students attending a new school. Studies show that times of transition increase a child’s risk for substance use.


Know! Heroin is a threat in your community

Heroin has changed over the years, along with those who are uThinkstockPhotos-466074175.jpgsing it. So let’s get informed and up to date on this drug so that factual and accurate prevention messages can be shared with our children. We’ll begin by debunking a few common myths.


Chardon High School students share powerful message at community picnic

Last week, Chardon High School students hosted a picnic to help educate the community about the dangers and devastating consequences of substance abuse. This event brought together school and city leaders, first responders and families with kids of all ages. 

Attendees enjoyed games, food and fun activities. In addition, the student organizers included an important message about talking to kids about drug abuse. A panel of experts discussed this important issue with those in attendance.


Know! E-Cigs, Vape Pens and Throat Hits

You have more than likely talked countless times with your child about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, and the importance of steering clear of them – and that’s great because teens seem to be getting it. But while teen smoking has steadily declined, teen vaping has become all the rage.

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