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Ohio Educators: Help Build Ohio’s New Math and ELA Assessments

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is currently accepting applications for participants to serve on English Language Arts and Mathematics Content Advisory Committees.  Ohio’s educators and content specialists play a vital role in the creation of valid and reliable assessments and fill this role by serving on our Content Advisory Committees.


Resident Educator Program changes for 2015-2016 announced

The department is currently revising the Resident Educator Web pages to reflect changes made in the 2015-2016 state budget bill — and to include streamlined tools and resources. Please note that a new overview of program revisions for 2015-2016 is posted here — and that there will be new and updated materials and Web pages later this summer.  


Important message about CORE online licensure system

The Ohio Department of Education is currently working as quickly as possible to correct two issues with the online licensure system. One relates to the ability of new applicants to obtain an Educator State ID. In addition, applicants will only be able to update their demographic information outside of CORE on the main SAFE account menu. 


Office of Professional Conduct Annual Report

ODE's Office of Professional Conduct submits an annual report to the State Board of Education. The Annual Report for 2014 will assist readers in understanding professional conduct initiatives of the office and of ODE.


June 19, 2015 Resident Educator program coordinator update posted

A new edition of the Resident Educator Program Update, posted here, provides important information for program coordinators, mentors, facilitators and resident educators. 

Inside readers will find articles regarding the changing of program materials used in the past – as well as a free online resource, Mentor Refresh, that program leaders will want to review individually or as a group.

Thanks to all who are supporting Ohio’s teachers through this important program.


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