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EMIS Newsflash – January 22, 2018

FY18 March (D) Follow-up Collection, v1
FY18 Initial Staff/Course (L) Collection, v5
FY18 Student (S) Cross Reference Collection, v3
FY18 Summer and Fall OGT Assessment (A) Collection, v2
2018 CTE Concentrators Appeal


Start Talking! and Start Sharing your Talent!

Start-Talking-TALENT.pngPrevention Action Alliance, in partnership with the Ohio Start Talking! initiative and through a grant from Verizon, invite Ohio middle and high school students to keep their peers drug free by participating in the Start Talking! Start Recording: Ohio’s Youth Got Talent competition. If you are an Ohio middle school or high school student who has a creative talent and is looking to earn money for college, this opportunity is perfect for you.


EMIS Newsflash – January 9, 2018

FY18 Midyear Student (S) Collection, v3
FY18 SOES End of Year Student (S) Collection, v2
FY18 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (A) Collection, v3
FY18 Fall Third Grade Reading Assessment (A) Collection, v2
FY18 Fall DORP Assessment (A) Collection, v2


Know! What You Can Do to Improve Your Mental Health

GettyImages-498512023.jpgWith the start of each new year, people commonly vow to improve their physical health, including diet, nutrition and exercise. While this is a vital measure to take, it is equally important to resolve to improve one’s mental and emotional heath as well.


EMIS Newsflash – January 4, 2018

FY18 Midyear Student (S) Collection, v2
FY18 SOES End of Year Student (S) Collection, v1
FY18 Initial Staff and Course (L) Collection, v4
FY18 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (A) Collection, v2

Assessment Missing List and KRA Supplementary Report
Updated 2017-2018 EMIS Data Collection Calendar

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