Achievement and Graduation Requirement Committee

Ohio’s primary and secondary education system is in a period of tremendous change. Part of that change involves revising high school diploma requirements to reflect the expectation that every student will earn a diploma and graduate fully prepared for higher education and or the workforce. Read More...

Urban and Rural Renewal Committee

As a committee of the State Board of Education, these members are responsible for developing recommendations for a plan to intervene and improve persistently poor performing schools and districts. The recommendations are due Aug. 31, 2013, per H.B. 555, Section 4, to the Ohio General Assembly. Read More...

Capacity Committee

The State Board of Education is responsible for creating and updating the operating standards for schools in Ohio.  These operating standards are a collection of minimum requirements that school districts and nonpublic schools must follow when managing their schools and educating students. Read More...

Accountability Committee

See Accountability Committee Meeting Minutes

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