Graduation Requirement Committee

Ohio’s primary and secondary education system is in a period of tremendous change.  Part of that change involves revising high school diploma requirements to reflect the expectation that every student will earn a diploma and graduate fully prepared for higher education and or the workforce.

Recently, the Ohio House introduced HB 193, a placeholder bill that shows legislative intent to review and revise Ohio high school graduation requirements. This bill signals the start of a process in which the State Board of Education plans to be an active participant.

In June 2013, Board leadership established the Graduation Requirement Committee and charged it with working collaboratively with ODE staff and stakeholders over the next six months. The goal is to craft a comprehensive proposal to revise Ohio’s high school graduation requirements and ultimately better prepare Ohio students for success now and in the future.

The following State Board Members have agreed to take on this important work:

C. Todd Jones, Chair;
Tess Elshoff
Tom Gunlock;
Darryl Mehaffie;
Debe Terhar; and
Jeffrey Mims.


Scheduled Meetings

Date Time Venue Address
8/13 2-4 pm Ohio Department of Education 25 S. Front St., Columbus
8/28 1-3 pm Ohio Department of Education 25 S. Front St., Columbus


Meeting Materials/Information




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