Great things are happening in Ohio schools. Our teachers care deeply about their students, our pupils truly want to succeed, and our district and school staffs are setting examples of resourceful, visionary leadership for all of us. The State Board of Education’s Education Spotlight program challenges board members to identify outstanding districts, schools, teachers and students in their state board districts and showcase them at monthly board meetings. We think you, too, will be inspired!

October 2017

Delphos City School District

Delphos City Schools’ Helping Schools’ Connect the Dots initiative honorees

There are many ambitious enterprises underway in Ohio schools to launch students on sure pathways to successful careers. Some are coming out of the most financially challenged districts. On that count, rural Delphos City Schools, northwest of Marion, is making Ohio proud.

The district of 7,000 students, where 40 percent of pupils qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, has seen a string of levy failures. But one teacher, Missy McClurg, is not letting that get in the way. She had a vision for giving Delphos students’ introductory, hands-on experiences in career areas where employers desperately need qualified workers, and she went after every grant for which the district might qualify. Now, more than $1.6 million later, more than 5,000 students attending Delphos and other area schools are getting a real taste of what today’s in-demand careers are like.

Delphos City Schools’ Helping Schools’ Connect the Dots initiative includes a Career Connections Student Center, housed at the district’s Jefferson High School. Students who drop in to the center can engage in three tiers of activities related to each of 45 career areas, using 15 workstations. In addition to having access to some of the most impressive career exploration technology available, the students can view videotaped interviews with more than 70 professionals working in those fields.

The center has helped spawn a vigorous Future Business Leaders of America student group and a grant-funded Mentors3 Community Connectors program that links students to personal, community-based mentors in various career areas.

To build even stronger relationships between teachers, students and working professionals in the community, Delphos students worked with The Ohio State University to develop an app to attract local speakers to Delphos classrooms. Using the app, community professionals who feel they have career insight to offer can “claim” speaking engagement time offered by teachers. If the teacher accepts a proposed speaker based on the professional’s profile, that individual shows up at the appointed time to speak to students.

Last month, the State Board of Education recognized that Delphos is blurring the walls between classrooms and the vibrant world of work by granting it one of its Education Spotlight certificates. McClurg and students Alexis Carpenter and Aaron Stant were on hand to receive the honor.

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