Fine Arts Draft Model Curriculum

The Draft Model Curriculum and survey will be available for your inspection and comment from now through February 16, 2014.


168648729_page.jpgOver the past two years, the Ohio Department of Education has worked with four teams of visual and performing arts educators to draft the Fine Arts Model Curriculum.  These educators represent all grade levels, geographic regions and professional associations. The goal is to expand on and support the updated standards.

The New Fine Arts Learning Standards and Model Curriculum are streamlined, useful frameworks that emphasize coherent, rigorous and relevant content.  Their contemporary focus includes the critical and creative skills and knowledge that students need now and in the future.

The draft curriculum guides teachers and school districts in the design of lessons, courses of study, student learning objectives and assessments that align with the standards.  Additionally, they address the needs of the 21st century learner through experience in the arts.

The public and Ohio educators are invited to review and comment on the draft model curriculum through the below online posting of the draft and survey now through mid-February 2014. The department will use the feedback to strengthen and finalize the Fine Arts Model Curriculum so that it will be ready for use by educators and schools in 2014-2015.

We Need Your Feedback

We value your input and would like to incorporate your suggestions into the final version of the Model Curriculum.

Please complete this survey as you review the draft model curriculum.



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