Career Technical Education Technical Assessment System

Career-Technical Education Technical Assessment System Matrix

Ohio's Career-Technical Education (CTE) assessment system is comprised of a combination of state developed exams, industry related credentials and in one instance a portfolio assessment process. The CTE Technical Assessment System Matrix is designed to help educators identify tests that are available and required for individual pathway programs.

Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment (OCTCA) Information

Ohio has many state developed tests as part of its technical assessment system. These tests are commonly referred to as OCTCA tests. All OCTCA tests are administered electronically through a web-based application. Some are in a modularized format that can be administered throughout a student's time in a pathway program. Others are intended only as end of program exams. Currently, all OCTCA tests are developed and administered by the Ohio State University through a proprietary system called WebXam. Through WebXam, students are registered, tests are administered and reports are generated.

OCTCA informational resources include a User's Guide, Step by Step Instructions, OCTCA Newsletters, Available Tests, OCTCA Benchmarks and more. 

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