Career Tech In Correctional Institutions

Career-technical education programs are offered in youth and adult facilities in Ohio. The corrections agencies – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, through the Ohio Central School System, and the Ohio Department of Youth Services, through Buckeye United School District; collaborate with the Office of Career-Technical Education, Ohio Department of Education, to receive career-technical support from federal Perkins and state dollars.

During FY2013, adult career-technical programs served over 1,600 Career Development and over 4,700 Career Enhancement students. This is in addition to the 266 students served in secondary career-technical programs.

In FY2013, the Buckeye United School District served nearly 1,100 students in 16 programs in four juvenile institutions.

The classes offered include Career-Based Intervention, Career Search. Healthy Living, Barbering, Cosmetology, Administrative Office Technology,  and Masonry along with many other construction and manufacturing technology programs. 

Refer to the below websites for more information on the agencies involved with youth and adults in the state’s correctional facilities.

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