Work-Based Learning for Students and Families

Work-based learning is a coordinated sequence of experiences designed to provide students with real-world learning through partnerships with local business and industry. These learning activities help a young person explore careers and choose an appropriate career path.



For you the student:
  • Reduces drop-out rates
  • Makes school relevant
  • Develops problem solving and life skills
  • Allows opportunities for paid employment
  • Provides job experience for your resume
For parents and families:
  • Improves students’ understanding of budgets and independent financial decisions
  • Improves attendance and grades
  • Increases interest in continuing education and training


Overall, Work-Based Learning experiences are guided by the terms in which you, the school, and the business agree upon. A training plan including assumptions and agreements is essential to the success of a program such as this. 

How do we start?

The first step is to engage with a school district in your community to discuss the opportunities for partnership. Contact our office at 614-728-3690 or visit the Ohio Educational Directory System to search for school district contact information. Utilize the resources below to begin your student's Work-based Learning program! If your student is currently holding a job, look into your school districts Credit Flex plan to determine if current experiences can be linked to a course offering opportunity. 

Sample Resources - 

What else?

Credit Options

Students With Disabilities

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