GED Reimbursement Process

GED VOUCHER SYSTEM for First Time GED Test Takers

In order to improve the transition to the 2014 Computer Based GED®, the Ohio Department of Education, along with input from multiple internal and external stakeholders, has developed a GED voucher system.

First-time 2014 Computer Based GED® test takers are eligible to receive a voucher worth up to $80 toward testing fees. To be eligible to receive the voucher, participants must contact a Career-Technical Planning District for career and educational guidance prior to scheduling and paying for the 2014 Computer Based GED® test. The purpose of this career and educational guidance is to provide information about additional career and educational programming to help participants transition into postsecondary education, training and employment.

The following documents outline the process used for the 2014 Computer Based GED® test.


If you have any questions please call the State of Ohio GED Office at 614-466-1577 or email at


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