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CTE middle school validation process to use new LMS starting 2/14


The Middle School Validation Process administered by the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Career-Technical Education, will use a new learning management system (LMS) beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 1pm to launch the online CTE middle school validation modules.

The Office of Career-Technical Education is responsible for processing middle school validation applications and issuing certificates of validation to qualified candidates. For teachers who have a five-year professional license that includes middle school grade levels, and plan on attaining a career-technical education middle school “certificate of validation” access these online validation modules through their SAFE account. They will log into SAFE and see a link entitled “Learning Management System.” After clicking on the link, they will be taken to the online learning platform (i.e., learning management system). They will then select the Middle School Validation online training modules from the course catalog and complete the modules. After completing the learning modules, if a teacher will be instructing a career-technical education course or career explorations, the teacher will request a review by submitting the “Middle School Validation Process Application” to the Office of Career-Technical Education. After review, qualified candidates will be awarded a certificate of validation indicating completion of the modules and eligibility to teach CTE Middle School VM (Middle School) courses.

For general questions regarding the new system or CTE Middle School Validation Process, please contact the Office of Career-Technical Education at (614) 644-6095 or email For questions regarding signing into your SAFE account, OR if you do not have one, create a SAFE account,  please contact the ODE Security  Administrator or call (877) 644-6338.