Ohio's Career-Technical Content Standards Revision Overview

Now that Ohio career-technical education has transitioned to pathways and courses, the Ohio Department of Education is fine-tuning its technical content standards in 16 areas. This year the health science career field will be revised.

The Office of Career-Technical Education at the Ohio Department of Education schedules revisions of its Career Field Content Standards on a rotating basis. The department seeks feedback from educators, community members, and industry professionals as each career field standards are reviewed and revised. We are committed to making sure our students learn the rigorous, industry-relevant knowledge and skills they need to be successful in careers and college

Fact Sheet about Ohio’s Career-Technical Content Standards Revision

Standards Revisions Timeline



Ohioans submit suggestions for improvements through an online survey May-June 2019
Advisory committees review survey suggestions and provide direction to working groups of Ohio teachers.  Mid August 2019
Working group members propose revisions to the standards.  Mid September 2019
Revise draft standards.  Late October 2019
Post draft standards for field use and course development.  Late December 2019
Validate course revisions.  Mid March 2020
Finalize and post courses for educator use.  Late May 2020

Career-Technical Content Standards Revision Schedule

Career Field


Health Science 2019-20
Transportation and Human Services 2020-21
Law and Public Safety, Business and Administrative Services, Finance, and Marketing 2021-22
Arts and Communication and Agricultural and Environmental Systems 2022-23

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