Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

July 2018 Articles


Five-Year Forecast Feedback

In late May, sponsors were required to submit five-year forecasts on behalf of their schools using the template provided by the Department. The Department now is utilizing a new review process to provide feedback on the forecasts. You will receive an email with feedback for each of your schools from your assigned consultant from the Office of Community Schools. The vast majority of five-year forecasts are being returned to address specific areas. We ask that forecasts are updated on the May 2018 template (available here) and resubmitted in Epicenter by Friday, Sept. 14. To facilitate this, the submission will be returned and the submission type deadline for any school that we are requesting a resubmission. We also will provide specific feedback on the notes in Epicenter. 

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Office of Community School July Updates

Greetings Community Schools and Sponsors, 

As we prepare for the opening of the 18-19 school year, the Office of Community Schools (OCS) wanted to provide some updates to schools/sponsors.

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Message to Sponsors

Dear Sponsors,  

Since the initial publication of the 2018-2019 Sponsor Evaluation documents, minor changes were made to provide additional information/guidance to assist with the evaluation process. The changes are:
• Guidance on the submission of documents that exceed 25 pages
• Using the compliance templates provided by the Department for the 18-19 evaluation
• A reminder the Department may validate compliance indicators

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