Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

2018-2019 Sponsor Evaluation Trainings


Dear Sponsors, 

Per ORC 3314.016, the community school sponsor evaluation system “shall be developed and posted on the department's web site by the fifteenth day of July of each school year.  Beginning in 2018, the training shall be made available to each entity that sponsors a community school by the fifteenth day of July of each year and shall include guidance on any changes made to the evaluation system.” 

To that end, the Department will post all rubrics, spreadsheets and documents pertaining to the 2018-2019 sponsor evaluation cycle onto its website on or before July 15, 2018.  Please note that the July training will be 3-4 video recordings that cover all parts of the evaluation.  The Department will also have an in-person technical assistance session for sponsors on the 2018-2019 sponsor evaluation process in September (tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 12).  

To help us develop the agenda for the September technical assistance session, please take a few minutes to complete a short survey.  

Please contact the Office of Community Schools if you have any questions.  Specific questions about the sponsor evaluation process can also be sent to



Karl J. Koenig
Office of Community Schools