Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

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As the weather finally has turned and started to feel like spring, our office wanted to send a few reminders and notes as we transition toward the end of the school year: 


  • Reminder the submission deadlines for the Sponsor Evaluation for 17-18 are fast approaching.  The deadline to submit for the Quality portion is May 15; the deadline to submit for the Compliance portion is June 29.


  • As we look to improve the level of service our office provides to Sponsors and help guide our technical assistance for the 18-19 school year, we have prepared a short survey for sponsors.  We appreciate you taking a few moments and sharing your thoughts with us. 


  • Sponsor opening assurances are due to the Department not later than ten business days prior to the opening of the school. The 2018-2019 sponsor opening assurances can be accessed here.


  • An update to the closing procedures will be released soon based upon feedback provided by sponsors.


  • The Charter School Program (CSP) grant application is posted in the CCIP for eligible schools.  Please visit the CSP webpage for more information about eligibility and how to apply. 


  • Applications for the 2018-2019 Dropout Prevention and Recovery (DORP) report card designation are due no later than July 1.  Please visit the DORP webpage for information, specifically the Dropout Prevention and Recovery Card Report Card Designation for 2018-2019.


  • Blended learning designations are due no later than July 1.  Please review our Blending Learning Guidance for more information. 


  • A general reminder to ensure the Ohio Educational Directory (OEDS) is updated as changes happen and reviewed periodically by the school, sponsor and operator to ensure accuracy.  As you know, OEDS is used to provide information to several other systems [EMIS, Community School Directory, CCIP] so it is critical to have accurate information in OEDS. 


We will be sending reminders in the next few weeks as important deadlines are approaching.  We appreciate your efforts as we work to wrap up the school year and begin the next school year.  Do not hesitate to reach out to our office if you have questions.






Karl J. Koenig


Office of Community Schools