Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

November Updates from the Office of Community Schools


Greetings Sponsors,
As we move into December, here are updates from the Office of Community Schools: 

  1. We have created a new webpage for the Community School Improvement Plan and Resources. The page is found on the Community Schools homepage under the Schools topic (directly below the Directory link). A few documents we wish to highlight include the following:
    1. A comprehensive spreadsheet that has all school labels (Priority, Focus, Watch, At-Risk of Closure, Needs Intervention and Reading Achievement Plans) has been posted and is sortable to allow you to have one spreadsheet with all the designations for your portfolio of schools.
    2. A Community School Improvement Plan FAQs document has been developed. This document should assist you and your schools as they complete the Improvement Plan template.
    3. The plan review template and checklist are posted. 
  2. DOPR Schools: The Department issued new guidance regarding NWEA MAP testing for student in Dropout Recovery and Prevention programs. The updated guidance will allow schools to test more students enrolled in the school by allowing testing to happen upon enrollment and administering a second assessment after 13 weeks. We will be sending a separate email to all DOPR schools and sponsors regarding the change. If you have questions, please email
  3. The Department is offering one-day Equity Labs at various locations across the state. 
  4. REMINDER: The 1 Percent Alternative Assessment Justification Portal is open until Dec 10. If your schools are interested in submitting a justification, they must complete the form and submit it prior to the deadline. 
  5. E-school attendance reminder: If you sponsor e-schools, please give special consideration to how your schools are tracking attendance for truancy, which is different/separate from tracking for funding. Each school should have a method to document attendance for truancy. The Department will issue additional guidance on this topic, however, we wanted to bring this to your attention. 

Karl J. Koenig
Office of Community Schools