Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

Office of Community Schools - Mid-Nov. Update - HB 166 TA and Reminders


Greetings Community Schools and Sponsors, 

House Bill 166 (the most recent budget bill) included changes that impact community schools and sponsors. The Ohio Department of Education already has provided information on some of the more impactful changes (such as changes to Ohio Revised Code 3314.35 and 3314.351).The Department has created a HB 166 Technical Assistance and Frequently Asked Questions resource for community schools and sponsors. We encourage you to review the document. If you have additional questions, send them to   

REMINDER: The Department still is collecting Requests for Information for the Quality Community School Support Fund. We encourage you to access the webpage for more information on eligibility. We have updated the Quality Community School Support Frequently Asked Questions based on inquiries from the field. 

  • For schools potentially eligible under Criteria 2 (new community schools), please complete the survey here
  • For operators wishing to submit a Request for Information for Criteria 3, please contact to submit a request for access to the Department’s SharePoint site. We ask that requests are sent by Friday, Nov. 15.
  • The deadline to complete the survey or submit the Request for Information is Friday, Nov. 22. 
New e-school application: The Department posted the Request for Approval of New Internet-based or Computer-based Community School information on the e-schools webpage. Any parties interested in opening new internet-based or computer-based community schools must complete the application by Jan. 15, 2020. 

Clarification: Consolidated School Reports NOT required for community schools. The Department recently released the Consolidated School Report Survey for data collection required by Ohio law. We received a number of questions from community schools and sponsors about whether they are required to respond to this survey. Community schools do not need to respond to this survey. If you have questions, please contact

Five-year forecast fall submission: Community schools are required to submit five-year forecasts twice annually to the Department; the fall forecast is due no later than Nov. 30. To access the five-year forecast template and technical assistance documents, visit the webpage for Five-Year Forecasts-Community Schools.  

Sponsor Annual School Performance Report: ORC 3314.03 (D)(3), ORC 3314.03 (A)(11)(g) and Ohio Administrative Code 3301-102-05 require sponsors to submit written reports of their evaluation results to parents of students enrolled in their community schools and the Department no later than Nov. 30. The annual report is for the 2018-2019 school year and must include performance of each school it sponsored as of Dec. 1 of the prior year. Additional is available here.

Community schools requesting to change sponsors: Schools requesting approval from the Department for a change in sponsor due to low performance, as prescribed by ORC 3314.034, should have the school administration and governing authority access and follow the technical assistance documents here.  

A board resolution or minutes showing adoption of the Community School Annual Budget is due no later than Dec. 31

If you have additional questions, please contact our office at


Karl J. Koenig
Office of Community Schools