Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

Office of Community School Updates - October 2018


Dear Sponsors,

As we move into October, there are a few upcoming events, deadlines and announcements I want to pass along:

  • In my last message, I indicated the Sponsor Annual Report of School’s Special Education and Related Services to Students with Disabilities form was posted on the Department’s website. This document was an update to last year’s form. There have been a few inquiries regarding the template, so we reposted the document as a Word document and posted a sample document to assist with completing the form. 
    • In the updated document, we had asked for the school policies and procedures to be included. After reflection and feedback from sponsors, we have removed that from the submission requirement
    • In addition, the expenditures listed in Epicenter are from the 2016-2017 school year. We are working to update the expenditures with data from 2017-2018. This should be completed by Wednesday, Oct. 10. 
  • The Sponsor Annual Reports are due in Epicenter on Friday, Nov. 30. Updated guidance for the 2017-2018 report is available here.
  • As you know, effective Nov. 2, the requirement to automatically withdraw a student after 105 consecutive hours of unexcused absences drops to 72 hours. Any student who has 72 consecutive hours or more of unexcused absences must be withdrawn as of Nov. 2. Additional guidance is forthcoming.
  • A reminder that only students who have IEPs are eligible for home instruction. Any determination to place a child on home instruction must be fully and completely supported by the evaluation team report (ETR) and not based on parent request. Home instruction requires a minimum of five hours per week of in-person, one-to-one instruction with a licensed teacher. Additional guidance for home instruction is forthcoming. Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Community Schools at Please include “home instruction” in the subject.
School Improvement Support
Regional school improvement meetings are scheduled to begin on Friday, Oct. 12. Registration for these meetings is through STARS.  
The Office of Community Schools is pleased to announce we are working with directors from the state support teams to schedule regional meetings to support schools identified as “needs intervention” by their most recent special education ratings. In addition, regional meetings are being planned to help schools required to develop and submit Reading Achievement Plans based on their most recent grades for the Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers report card component. We expect to announce dates and registration information in the next week.
Notices of identification as Priority and Focus schools should be available soon. Once all notices are sent, the Office of Community Schools will compile and forward a list of schools and their various designations to their sponsors. More information on requirements for each designation will be available at the regional meetings below. Please register for one of the sessions. 
Locations and Dates:                                                           Session A      Session B
10/12/18:         Cuyahoga Valley Career Center                     9 a.m.–noon/1-4 p.m.
                        8001 Brecksville Rd.
                        Brecksville, Ohio 44141
                                                                                               Session A    Session B
10/15/18:         Quest Conference Center                              9 a.m.-noon/1-4:00 p.m.
                        8405 Pulsar Pl.
                        Columbus, Ohio 43240
                                                                                                Session A     Session B
10/22/18:         Scarlet Oaks Career Center                           9 a.m.– noon/1-4 p.m.
                        300 Scarlet Oaks Dr.
                        Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
                                                                                                Session A      Session B
11/01/18:         Penta Career Center                                      9 a.m.– noon/1-4 p.m.
                        9301 Buck Rd.
                        Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

Two new webinars help explain the Ohio School Report Cards, including new features for 2017-2018. The webinar explaining the traditional report card can be found here. The webinar for the dropout recovery version of the report card is available here.

More information on evidence-based improvement strategies and the Department’s new Evidence-based Clearinghouse can be found here.
Should you have any questions, please contact the Office of Community Schools or your consultant.
Karl J. Koenig
Office of Community Schools