Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

Office of Community Schools Improvement Update


Office of Community Schools Improvement Update
Dear Sponsors,

How Can We Help You?

The Office of Community Schools(OCS) is working to make sure that community schools have access to information and professional development to support continuous improvement. To help us understand your needs, we are asking community schools and their sponsors to complete a short survey available here: . The survey will remain open through November 1, 2018.

Dedicated OCS Improvement Email Address
The Office of Community Schools is happy to announce the NEW OCS Improvement email address. This is where you may send any questions, or comments related to the Improvement Plan. The mailbox is monitored daily and you will receive follow up communication in a timely manner.

Identification of Priority and Focus Schools
The Office of Innovation and Improvement this week released the lists of schools identified as a priority or focus school.  The Office of Community Schools will be contacting sponsors to schedule a time to discuss requirements associated with these designations.

Improvement Planning Template
The Office of Community Schools Planning Template is available here: . This template aligns with requirements for the Ohio Reading Achievement Plan (RAP), a Special Education corrective action plan (CAP) based on receiving a rating of ‘needs intervention’, comprehensive plan required under the Every Student Succeeds Act and applications for both federal school improvement (1003) funds and Direct Student Services (DSS) grants. Community schools that meet one or more of the following criteria are required to submit a completed plan to the Office of Community Schools no later than December 14, 2018:

  • Identified as a ‘priority’ school
  • Identified as required to submit a Reading Achievement Plan
  • Identified as ‘needing intervention’ based on special education rating
  • Submitted an application for, or was previously awarded, a Direct Student Services grant
  • Plans to submit an application for federal school improvement grant (1003) funding (application is due December 17)
 The plans will be submitted by schools’ sponsors via Epicenter. Please note that sponsors may require plans be submitted to them earlier to allow for review prior to submission to the Office of Community Schools.

‘Quad’ Meeting Announcement
The Office of Community Schools in partnership State Support Teams (SST) and the Department of Education’s Literacy Office is providing in-person training for schools that must develop a Reading Achievement plan and/or a special education corrective action plan. Schools that received a special education rating of ‘needs intervention’ are requested to register for one of the following sessions. Reading Achievement Plan/Special Education technical assistance meetings are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

Title:                          Community Schools Quadrant Meeting / State Support Team Regions 11 & 7
Date:                  10/24/18
Time:                  3-6 PM
Location:             State Support Team Region 7
                           1495 W. Longview Avenue, Suite 200
                            Mansfield, Ohio, 44906
Title:                   Community Schools Quadrant Meeting / State Support Team Regions 2,3,5,8, & 9
Date:                  11/06/18
Time:                  3-6 PM
Location:            Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio - Essex Place
                           6393 Oak Tree Boulevard
                           Independence, Ohio 44131
Title:                   Community Schools Quadrant Meeting / State Support Team Regions 1 & 6
Date:                  11/26/18
Time:                  3-6 PM
Location:            ESC of Lake Erie West
                           2275 Collingwood Blvd,
                           Toledo, Ohio 43260
Title:                     Community Schools Quadrant Meeting / State Support Team Regions 10 & 13     
Date:                    November 29, 2018
Time:                    3-6PM
Location:              Miami Valley Regional Center
                             4801 Springfield Street, Room 300
                             Dayton, OH  45431
Education Value-Added Assessment System Data Release
On October 4, 2018, SAS released 2018 value-added information on the SAS® EVAAS® website. This release included district- and school-level results that are part of the statewide value-added analyses, as well as student-level information and projection data. An email will be sent to EVAAS account holders with a reminder of login instructions. 
If you are not sure how to log onto the site there is a document on the login page to the EVAAS site called “Updating EVAAS District Admin Account Holder.” Also, the “help” feature on the EVAAS site assists with report interpretation questions. The EVAAS site is an important resource that can provide help in data analysis.

School Report Card Webinars
Wondering where to start with analyzing school data? Two new webinars help explain the Ohio School Report Cards, including new features for 2017-2018. The webinar explaining the traditional report card can be found here. The webinar for the dropout recovery version of the report card is available here.
Regional Improvement Meeting Presentation
Thank you to everyone who attended the first two Office of Community School regional school improvement meetings. We’ve had a great turnout. A copy of the presentation slides is available here:

Important Dates:
11/01/18       Restraint &Seclusion Surveys Due
12/10/18       Alternate Assessment Waivers Due
12/14/18       Community School Improvement Plans Due from Sponsors
12/31/18       Reading Achievement Plans Due
12/31/18       Diabetes Survey Due
Karl J. Koenig
Office of Community Schools