Community Schools Sponsor Update

Community Schools Sponsor Update

September 2018 Articles


HB 21 Guidance on Proof and Verification of Student Residency


With the passage of House Bill 21, community schools/sponsors have additional requirements regarding verification of student residency.  To assist community schools/sponsors with complying with the new requirement, the Office of Community Schools (OCS) has prepared the following guidance:

If you have questions regarding this guidance, please contact us at

Karl J. Koenig
Office of Community Schools 

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The Office of Community School - Regional School Improvement Meetings

The Office of Community School - Regional School Improvement Meetings

The Office of Community Schools is excited to announce regional meetings to support continuous improvement in all Ohio community schools. We look forward to working with both schools and sponsors to improve the outcomes for all students.  

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Updates from the Office of Community Schools

Dear Sponsors, 

Thank you for attending our TA and Sponsor Improvement meeting last week.  We are reviewing the feedback from the session and will be providing clarifications/updates in the upcoming weeks based upon questions raised during the event.  We understand that a lot of information was discussed at the training and will think about the format going forward. 
This is a busy week for sponsors and community schools.  As such, there will be several communications coming from our office this week. 

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