K-3 Literacy Improvement Measure

The K-3 Literacy Measure will appear on Ohio’s A-F Report Card in 2014. This grade answers the question—are more students learning to read in Kindergarten through third grade? The 2014 report card will report some results. The 2015 report card will display one grade for Kindergarten through Grade 3. This component uses results from the fall reading diagnostics and the third-grade Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) to measure the improvement schools and districts are making moving students from “not-on-track” to “on-track” and eventually proficient. The measure looks at which students are not-on-track on the Kindergarten diagnostic and gives credit for those students who improve to on-track following the first-grade diagnostic. Similarly, it measures improvement from first- to second-grade diagnostics, second- to third-grade diagnostics and from the third-grade diagnostic to the third-grade achievement assessment.

Additionally, the measure identifies students who were never on or removed from a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan but do not achieve proficiency by the end of third-grade. Schools must put students identified as not-on-track on the fall reading diagnostics on a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan.

Importance of K-3 Literacy

k3-literacy-measure-with-calculation.jpgReading is the foundation for all learning. That is why it is critical to find and address reading issues for a student as early as possible. The K-3 Literacy component measures how well schools and districts are helping young students who are reading below grade level.

The measure and component relate to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, which aims to ensure that all students are reading at grade level by the end of third-grade. The guarantee drives attention to students from Kindergarten to third-grade who are struggling readers and makes sure they get the help they need to succeed in reading. Through this initiative, school districts and community schools diagnose reading issues, create individualized Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans and provide intensive reading interventions.

This measure will use results from fall reading diagnostic assessments given to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 and the Grade 3 Reading OAA.

Additional Information

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