Ages and Stages Questionnaire: Social Emotional

Title AliasAges and Stages Questionnaire: Social Emotional
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asq-admin-policy-909rev.pdfProvides information about the social and emotional behavior of children ranging 3 months to 66 months.

Type of DataAssessment data
Data SourceEMIS

Interactive Local Report Card - Power User Reports

OIP(1) Identify critical needs

The ASQ-SE looks at 7 behavior areas which are self regulation, compliance, communication, adaptive functioning, autonomy, affect and interaction with people. This questionnaire is required to be completed for children that receive Early Childhood Education (ECE) entitlement funds once per year in the fall and for preschool children with disabilities  twice per year (fall and spring).  In the ASQ: SE, a high score indicates a need for further assessment.  The cutoff score is based on the child’s age.