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The Ohio Student Progress Portal website is a comprehensive website that provides a variety of tools and solutions to educators in Ohio with the goal of improving teacher effectiveness and student growth. The website has a public accessible section that provides valuable information, study cases and videos about Formative Instructional Practices (FIP), the use of Value Added to improve student growth and information.

The website also offers tools to Ohio educators under a login protected section that offers:

  • Access to a Learning Management system that provides:
    • Formative Instructional online courses
    • Value Added online courses
    • BFK Focus online module
  • Class Roster Verification system
  • Matrix of Achievement and Progress (MAAP) tool
  • Other school improvement tools
Data SourceODE provides LEAs, schools and teachers data for user accounts. Additionally Student and class roster data (EMIS) for Class roster verification.

Formative Instructional Practices online courses, Value Added online courses, BFK Focus online module.

OIPThe Matrix of Achievement and Progress (MAAP) tool is used as part of OIP
Password SourceApplication defined
Site HostBFK Data Center